Google Ad Grants Decision Tree

We wanted to help the people out there in “no man’s land” regarding their Google for Nonprofits (G4N) benefits, specifically those who were not sure if they had applied, been accepted, and even which email their accounts were under!

So, we thought this might help. Although it may appear complicated at first, just take it step-by-step and we know it will get you where you need to be which is utilizing all those awesome benefits Google provides gratis to nonprofits such as yourself. Click here to get started at

Google Ad Grants Decision Tree


Good luck, and remember you keep changing the world, we’ll hand the rest – including this!

Doing the Math: Viability of Hiring Google Grants Consultants

A lot of people think they can jump into the adwords game overnight, and some actually do (and do successfully – cough [Perry Marshall..] cough cough), but for the other 99.5% of us we need professional google grants management and consulting – or at least a point in the right direction.

I’ve actually put together a little info below to demonstrate the viability behind our program. This all came actually when I had asked people to mathematically prove me WRONG about the concept USNPS is based on (professional management and consulting) versus DIY or placing an in-house staff member on the job.

Here’s the breakdown in cost-of-time when comparing Staff to USNPS.

Action –     Staff  / USNPS (in hours)

Proposal – 10 hours for inexperienced staff vs 3 hours with USNPS

Account Setup – 5 vs 3

Basic Campaign Setup – 7  vs 2

Intermediate Campaign Setup – 12 vs 4

Advanced Campaign Setup 20 vs 7

Monitoring –  3 vs 1

Analysis – 10 hours versus 2! (keep in mind years of knowledge come into play here, and proper analysis can return on itself in dividends – versus shooting around in the dark)


It just makes sense to get professionals on your Google Grants goals, it’s terrifyingly difficult to maximize the $10,000 as it stands for the professionals, let alone for the new-comers.